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Professional Genealogist Kathie M. Donahue, A.G.

has been helping people find their American Indian ancestors for the past twenty-two years. Her "Help Center" is designed to help beginners and advanced researchers navigate the maze of public and private genealogical records necessary for locating native ancestors.  All tribes are considered.


She is currently accredited by the:

International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists


Native American Indian Research:

Sound genealogy research advice and strategies have been posted on Kathie’s home page for all to use.


Please use the email link for any questions or requests you may have.

Advice, research plans and hourly research prices are offered on a partially pre-paid basis, please visit her web site for further details

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Books researched, edited and/or written by KMD:


THIS FAMILY - A Family History of the New England Morse Family in the West

by Marjorie Morse

research by:  Kathie Donahue, AG


09 to 99 - The Story of My Life

by Victor Wulff

edited by:  Kathie Donahue, AG


An Irish-Chippewa Family of Wisconsin

commenced by Alice Lobdell Nistler

researched and written by:

Kathie Donahue, AG

Descendants of Great Eagle - Ketch-a-Migee-see

commenced by Donald Lobdell

researched and written by

Kathie Donahue, AG


Ancestors of William Howard Wolf

commenced by William H. Wolf

researched and written by

Kathie Donahue, AG


On the Naming Trail - Spokane Indian Reservation

1984 - L to R Darlene McCarty, Kathie Donahue, Edith Wileshoe, Ella (Hill) McCarty Butcher